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Custom Mirrors & Cutting Edge Glass Table Tops

Need a mirror or Cutting Edge Glass table top for your home or business? Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to quote you as well as give you options.


Any size or shape needed, we can cut and install it for you!

•    Bedroom and Bathroom mirrors
•    Wall mirrors
•    Sliding mirrored doors
•    Polished, seamed or ground edges
•    Beveled or non-beveled edges
•    Variety of Colors: Gray, Blue, Rose, Bronze, and your standard Clear.

Table Tops

Cutting Edge Glass will cut pattern shaped table tops to fit your decorative table or cabinet. We have many different glasses that are available to you.

•    Clear
•    Bronze
•    Gray
•    Aquatex
•    Obscure
•    Rain
•    Bubble

We can cut and install your Cutting Edge Glass table top or you can call and order it over the phone. Just get the exact size that you need and your order should be ready within 1-3 days.

*Some restrictions may apply*